Our mother has Alzheimer’s
The portrait of a woman with Alzheimer’s disease

Ilse has Alzheimer’s.
Her daughter Ulli follows her with a camera during the last years of her life and captures the everyday experiences of a woman with dementia.

The focus is on Ilse. She lives in Krems, a small Austrian town on the Danube, and is cared for by women from Slovakia. The intimacy among the women brings about cheerful and affectionate scenes.

The film conveys how a person with the disease can be integrated, appreciated and cherished.

Using childhood and family photos, as well as Super 8 home movies, the film also shows a lively portrait of a woman in the mirror of her time.


Director and camera: Ulrike Halmschlager
Film editor and co-director: Werner Müller
Austria, 2010
Length: 45 min